How to found a new Chapter

All you need to start an American-German Business Club in your city is to have five or six interested and reputable business persons willing to work with you. One of your best local contacts is be your region’s Economic Development Office, since they would be keen to encourage such an internationally oriented group.

Some Basic Assumptions:

You are interested in supporting non-partisan American-German business relations, business education and the sharing of ideas to augment better economic and business concepts. You like the idea of providing a platform for networking and information exchange. You're familiar with the nature of the meetings and events from other AGBC chapters; and you advocate our English-language requirement and format. You fully adhere to the concept of free trade supported by the international Association of AGBCs.

Helpful Facts:

Your city may be ready for a new AGBC chapter. Right now all 11 chapters are part of the international Association of AGBCs e.V. We are a non-profit group established in 1964 to improve American-German business ties through personal networking.

Although all our activities are in English, there should be both American and German elements to a chapter. You need the participation of both, to include American and German business persons, companies, or institutions. We are a good mixture of multinationals, from all countries and nationalities, who favor international trade. For those living outside Germany, contact the nearest official German representatives to request support for a new AGBC chapter.

We may already know people and/or companies in your area, willing to help you get started.

The first step:

is to develop a platform for dialog in your city or region so others can join your efforts to found a new AGBC chapter. A successful AGBC chapter is always promoted and sustained by a group of people and companies rather than one person. To begin, you will need approximately five-six core people and a significant list of interested parties to invite to upcomingmeetings. The first AGBC chapter meeting is important to set a solid basis for your success.

Cost: Individual members now (as of 2010) pay € 75.00 in annual dues to their local AGBC chapter, of which € 20.00 is forwarded to the Association Treasurer.

Corporate members pay € 150.00 in annual dues to their local AGBC chapter, of which € 40.00 is forwarded to the Association Treasurer.

Note: For a chapter founded in the United States, the numbers for the costs are the same. However, they are all paid in dollars as opposed to Euro. This means that an individual membership would be US$ 75.00 as opposed to € 75.-

The Association provides the AGBC website and its Business Directory and Event Management system to all the individual chapters at no extra charge. Also important is that Membership permits a total participation in the activities of all the other chapters.

Decide initially on your potential members: small, medium or large sized businesses, or maybe all of the above.

Decide which services you would like to offer:

monthly events with speakers, networking events, information exchanges, charity fundraising are just a few. We also offer support for our Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow business plan program, usually aimed at high school students. (See our website.)

Once a new chapter's foundation is established by the core group, broaden your invitations list to expand the circle of people and potential sponsors who know about the AGBC. The more individuals and companies you invite to events, the more they will tell their friends and colleagues.

Co-sponsor a meeting with another local group which shares your interests. That may also help raise your profile in your community.

Legal requirements


include acknowledging the By-Laws of the Association of AGBCs, signing an Affiliate Contract and registering your new AGBC chapter with the city government, all of which our national office can help you with. (Sample By-Laws available under chapter above)

Be sure to register for a listing on the AGBC website, which lets you distribute invitations via the internet. Soon you will be on your way to providing an international service club for your region which benefits both Americans and Germans

The international Assoc. of AGBCs wishes you good luck and encourages you to contact us to assist you in your efforts. Expand your horizons! Meet new business contacts and make new friends. Hear about the latest business issues at informative luncheons and dinners. Get started today!

For further information, contact: or via the internet.

See today for the latest AGBC news.

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