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About the AGBC Chapter
Wiesbaden – Mainz

Founded in January 2015, our chapter serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas, information, knowledge and opinion among members and guests interested in US- American and German business relationships.

In the Wiesbaden Mainz area, local aspects of these relationships have become increasingly relevant, with now well over 20,000 Americans working and living in the area. Together with their German partners, colleagues or competitors, they constitute a distinguished community working for US-Army Headquarters, for one of the many multifaceted companies supporting US Forces or in one of several dozen companies with American oversight. This community supports activities improving mutual understanding of the cultural bases of business and creates an environment on its own for business opportunities.

We constituted this AGBC chapter to create a base for business-cultural exchange and networking for business-minded people acting in this particular environment. While focusing on economic affairs at large, presentations and discussions take social, cultural and political implications of current and future business climates into consideration. We believe in friendly face to face communication in an open atmosphere.

Feel free to sit-in on our discussions, for everyone has something to contribute. Our club members have pledged to act as culture coaches by addressing specific communication problems, helping to reduce misunderstandings and prejudices, opening new perspectives and improving conditions of mutual understanding.

Our corporate members benefit from:

  • Monthly after work get-togethers in a relaxed lounge atmosphere providing opportunities to meet with interesting people with a special relationship to the US
  • Monthly business related presentations with a contemporary perspective on economics, politics, history or culture.
  • Enhancement of company image effected
    • by appearance of company representatives at our meetings – both in- and outside of the AGBC
    • by sponsorship of our activities
  • Support, guidance, reception, community for expat employees living in the Wiesbaden - Mainz area.

Address and Contact Info

American German Business Club Wiesbaden - Mainz e.V.

Dr. Ingeborg Cleve  
Webergasse 18
65183 Wiesbaden
Office Manager:
Email: wiesbaden-mainz@agbc.de  
Membership Application:
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The office has no fixed hours of operation.
Please leave a message in the mailbox or send an e-mail.


Board Of Officers

Dr. Ingeborg Cleve
Robert H. Doyle
Horatio von John

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