About the AGBC Chapter Stuttgart

On November 8, 2002, eleven enthusiastic individuals formed the AGBC Stuttgart, a new chapter of the Association of American-German Business Clubs.  Among them were a financial planner, a travel-business owner, experts from the semiconductor and telecommunications industry, economics and business/marketing experts, an instrument builder, a management consultant, a lawyer, a translating-business owner, and a financial expert.

Located in the heart of Baden-Württemberg, the AGBC Stuttgart e.V. is ideally situated to bring together U.S. and German business people, who work in this economically strong region with a high quality of life.  Stuttgart and Baden-Württemberg are home to many innovative branches of the high-tech industry, as well as world-renowned firms, such as Daimler, Porsche, Bosch, Hewlett-Packard, Agilent, IBM, Siemens, their suppliers, and many others.  The AGBC offers a personal and profitable exchange between the U.S. and German business communities.

The AGBC Stuttgart grows and conducts semi-monthly luncheon and dinner events with a speaker or panel of speakers on U.S.-German business, economics, law, taxes, accounting, marketing, interculturalism, politics, and culture, where the audience has an opportunity to interact with the speaker and network with the other guests in a social and relaxed atmosphere.  The AGBC Stuttgart also offers company tours with presentations and get-togethers.  Highlights are the 4th of July party and the Thanksgiving dinner, where the AGBC Stuttgart also invites other English-speaking organizations and businesses.  Send us your membership application and join the network!

Address and Contact Info

American German Business Club Stuttgart e.V.

Brendan Walsh
c/o Dr. Georg Bouché
Eduard-Steinle-Strasse 15
70619 Stuttgart
Jamie Müller
Membership Application:
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Board Of Officers

Brendan Walsh
Vice President:
Dr. Georg Bouché
Steve Staresinic, CPA
Jamie Müller

Download as PDF document:

AGBC Stuttgart Constitution revised 16012006.pdf

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AGBC Stuttgart Satzung 16.01.2006.pdf

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AGBC Stuttgart membership application & direct debit.pdf

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