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We've been enjoying glorious weather this summer, with lots of blue sky and a surplus of sunshine.  There have been several midday spells warmer than is pleasant, but in general, this is a real summer.  And going out in the evening has been especially nice most everywhere.  As we're now in the middle of August, it's time to review some of the exciting events starting to take place.

We're enthusiastic about establishing a new "Home Base" for the AAGBC.

Effective 1 July 2018, AAGBC moved its headquarters to and opened its Berlin administrative office at:

Design Offices
Unter den Linden 26-30
D-10117 Berlin

This move is the result of our adoption of a resolution passed unanimously in January 2018.  The new office will enable us to enjoy a true Germany wide presence, increase contact with US Diplomats and with German leaders.  Virtual Telephone and Facsimile services are being established and should be final by mid-August 2018. Mail forwarding is established. Email shall remain as already established. 

However, for the moment, please continue to use the well established telephone and fax numbers you currently have on file. 

AGBC Munich is always a dynamic entity, with all sorts of exciting activities going on.  They are hosting their 2nd annual Ammersee Bike Tour on Saturday, 25 August, with a meal following at Kloster Andechs.  Ammersee is a charming location, one of Bavaria's most scenic lakes. Starting at 10:00, this should be a whale of a good time.
This will be followed by AGBC's annual visit to Oktoberfest on Sunday, 30 September (11:00 to 16:30).

This will be in the Schottenhamel Festhalle, with 210 places reserved but mostly already sold.  Everyone knows about Munich's Oktoberfest, the world's largest Bier Fest.  And if you have an interest in participating in either of these events, sign up in the events tool at www.agbc-munich.com.

In parallel with its schedule of regular meetings, the chapter is a key driver in promoting the new International Business Council Munich (IBCM).  This expanding platform currently links 16 Munich-area international business groups, thus providing AGBC members a broadened contact base. 

Regular monthly meetings will resume on 26 September at the Marriott. 

The Frankfurt chapter announces the appointment of Ralph Freund as its Treasurer to replace Dr. Thomas Büttner, who resigned for commercial reasons to devote full time to his position as President, GeminiPharmChem. Temporarily, Dr. Büttner agreed to function as Interim President AGBC Frankfurt following the resignation of Vera Thiers who returned to her full-time position at the Frankfurt International School.  

iscussions and interviews are underway to appoint a full-time president by the end of August 2018.  

We all want to welcome our newest Consul General in Frankfurt, Ms. Patricia Lucinda,
who has been our CG now since 1 August 2018.

On 6 July 2018, about 30 members enjoyed a performance of „Hounds of the Baskervilles“ at the English Theatre-Frankfurt that included a welcoming Sekt Empfang.  In September, the Chapter shall present a panel discussion at Frankfurt´s Union International Club on Trumponomics to include Pro USA and Pro Europe points of view. In October, November, and December AGBC Frankfurt has Neworking events planned in Frankfurt and Bad Homburg v.d.H the details of which shall be forthcoming.
Plans are underway for EoT XI (Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow).  They have fixed the dates and venues, and several speakers.  Plans are underway to refine the programs and to visit Frankfurt area schools for participation.

AND stay tuned for the detailed information which will soon follow concerning our next National Board Meeting to take place in Bonn on 10 November 2018.
Finally, AAGBC and AGBC Heidelberg Rhein Main together have organized a wonderful "Kill Cancer" Charity Program at the Hotel Marriott in Heidelberg, including a Neckar River Cruise and a Terrace Reception at the Hotel Marriott.  This will be on Saturday, 22 September, with everyone invited.  We will provide a separate posting on this site in the next 10 days with all the details.

In the interim, enjoy the rest of this glorious summer.
Happy Day,


Barry E. Swanson

(16th August 2018)

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