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The sun is shining this morning. This is always a good portent for great things to come. The Easter holidays have left us refreshed, ambitious and happy. And all of the weather forecasts for the next few weeks are terrific, which is very good news, as we are having our annual meeting in Frankfurt on Saturday the 13th of May.

The meeting will be held at the Cerberus office in Frankfurt. This will be an exciting meeting because it will give us the opportunity to celebrate two new Chapter Presidents. First, Yvonne Fischer is the new President of the Kaiserslautern chapter and Vera Thiers will be representing our Frankfurt chapter as President. This is the first time in the history of these chapters to have female presidents. Both of these women are dependable and capable, and we look forward to providing them good support for success.

Our meeting in Frankfurt will commence at 10:00 AM. We'll be covering a variety of items of national interest, including a number of administrative issues. One of those has to do with three inactive chapters, Hansestadt-Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Saxony. The vote to expunge them from the national register will take place at this meeting. The social event will be a golf tournament at the Altenstadt Golf Club on Friday. And as many of the attendees are staying at the Marriott, I expect that there will be some sort of social hour during Friday evening, 12 May. Every member of AGBC, from every chapter, has an open invitation to attend our National meetings. If you are desirous of attending on Saturday, 13 May, you must send an email request to Frau Inge Gerold at the following address: national@agbc.de. She will provide you with requisite details. In addition, the Frankfurt AGBC will be celebrating it's 9th Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow (EOT) award ceremony at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management on 3 June. This competition will determine this year's winners for business plan development. And the awards will be presented by the US Consul General, James W. Herman, III. This is an extraordinary effort by AGBC Frankfurt and requires a very special effort by the participating students. They are all deserving of our support. Kaiserslautern will also be hosting a golf tournament, which is their annual charity golf tournament. This year it will be held at the Ramstein Air Base Golf Club on the 19th of May. This is a worthwhile charity event, providing scholarship money for local students.

Wiesbaden: AGBC members have been invited by the European Host Nation Relation Office to attend the concert performed by the US Army Europe Band on Clay Kaserne (Wiesbaden-Erbenheim). Wiesbaden is also holding another event on 22 June, by Col. Dave Pendall, Senior Staff Officer at Headquarters USAREUR. His presentation will be on the importance and impact of the Munich Security Conference 17-19 February, 2017.

Munich is always a very busy chapter. Next up is a presentation on 10 May by Ms. Denise Rose, on the USA tax system and its implications for expats. On the 24th of June, Munich is sponsoring a bike tour to the Ammersee. In September, Munich will repeat its annual visit to Germany's world-famous Oktoberfest. In fact, Munich has a number of events planned during the summer months, as do many of our chapters. The listings above are only representative, and these events are available to any member of AGBC from any chapter. And for the applicable contact information, you can either visit our website, or simply type in the name of the city "@AGBC.de." Join your local chapter; but if your city doesn't have one, consider starting a chapter yourself.

We would be happy to assist you in the process.
Wishing you a Happy Month of May,
Zum Wohl,
Barry President

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