Letter from the President


Autumn has more than gently motivated us to put on our warm coats this year.  Temperatures took a mighty dip as September turned into October, but it seems, as the holiday season approaches, we may be able to gradually ease into the cold.  This year’s beautiful foliage and the happy expectation for that warm mug of glühwein, coming soon, will make it more pleasant for us to welcome the cold.

Just around the corner, we will be having our National Board Meeting in Kaiserslautern, on November 7, 2015.  Meetings will take place at the Hotel Restaurant Barbarossahof, Eselsfürth 67567 Kaiserslautern.  Events include an Ikea store tour on Friday evening starting with dinner there at 18:30 and dinner on Saturday night at the Barbarossahof.  AGBC Kaiserslautern is working on a tour of K-Town for spouses on Saturday afternoon.  All members are eligible to attend if they want to (and have prior registration). But importantly, all members are encouraged to send any questions or concerns to national for consideration at this meeting.  You can email your questions or concerns to: national@agbc.de.

As we all well know, hundreds of thousands of desperate people are now fleeing the Middle East.  The never-ending violence in that region has caused so many to flee to Europe for safety.  And Germany deserves high praise for being extraordinarily receptive of the refugees. 

Most of our chapter cities have an influx of these individuals.  And I believe it’s appropriate for all of us, singly or in forum, to discuss what we can do to help.  As an example, the Heidelberg Chapter recently hosted Mr. Michael Mwa AlliMadi, who is currently the chairman of the foreigners´ council in Heidelberg and the executive director of the Bundeszuwanderungs- Integrationsrat (federal council on integration and migration).  He presented a stirring picture of the current situation in our area.  The fate of at least some of these many people can be determined by the level of support provided by the community they come to.   Whether it is by a donation of warm clothes, time or money, we as business people are in a good position to provide some support. 

Back to Happy Stuff: in about one month, all the various Christmas Markets will be opening up around Germany.  This is traditionally a time of banquets, festival activity, glühwein and song.  For example, on Saturday evening, 5 December,

We shall be hosting our annual Christmas Banquet in the old town of Heidelberg.  We will start our evening with our traditional meet-up for glühwein in the Marktplatz and then on to the Romantik old Hotel Zum Ritter for a resplendent meal of goose with all of the trimmings (and song).   All are invited.  An invitation will go out in the coming weeks.

Lastly, I would like to, once again, encourage you to get more actively involved in your chapter.  Invite guests for monthly meetings, suggest a good speaker, or suggest an event as a way to help members network and get to know their fellow business people better. 

I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming AGBC event or hearing about the exciting things going on in your chapter.

Enjoy Every Day !

Barry Swanson, CFP
President, Association of AGBCs

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