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It is nice to settle into the gentle days of autumn. After the lovely interminable days of summer, it's energizing to have color coming to the forests and everyone back at work. This will give us time to prepare for next year. 2014 is a special year for the Association of American German Business Clubs as it will mark our 50th Anniversary. The AGBC was founded by a group of American businessmen back in 1964 in Bonn. So next year will be an exciting event for us all to commemorate and enjoy. And we return to Bonn next month to start the planning for this event.

It is my pleasure to invite you to the next national Membership Meeting for the national board of the AGBC. We encourage you to attend, as every member of the entire AGBC is invited to attend these business meetings if she/he so desires.

Details: Saturday, 9 November 2013, from 10:00 -16:00 (10 to 4PM),
Maritim Hotel, Godesberger Allee, 53175 Bonn.

There will be some social activity surrounding this meeting as well. The last big meeting was in Heidelberg at the Hotel Marriott, and it was followed by a Sunshine Terrace Party with 80 people, along the banks of the Neckar. A Riverboat music cruise followed those terrace drinks. And somewhere around midnight, around 40 people put together a big steak feast at the Marriott. The others were cruising around Heidelberg's old town. But from all of the reports we've received, everyone had one heck of a good time.

Each of our chapters has had meetings, luncheons or dinners and fascinating presentations to report. Time and space constraints don't permit us to report them all. But some were sufficiently unusual so as to push their way onto the front page. Kaiserslautern had one such on 12 September. They partnered with the Atlantic Academy to have a special meeting featuring the German Federal Elections. In addition to explaining the process, they had representatives from all the German political parties in attendance to explain differing platforms and to discuss issues affecting the region. The Kaiserslautern Chapter is also starting their annual program now whereby they solicit essay submission from German and American students studying business related disciplines at the university. They will be presenting significant scholarship awards to the winners.

In Frankfurt, they are just starting up the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow VI program by visiting area high schools to recruit students. The Goethe Business School, part of Frankfurt University, is once again co-sponsor, along with Coca Cola, and Bagel Brothers Frankfurt, also returning as sponsors.

They look forward to teaching local students, aged 17-21, how to start their own business. The winners of this education program will be awarded a total of Euro 1,750, following the judging of their business plans in 2014. All of this is conducted by local AGBC business mentors in Business English. This has become a very successful annual event, one we are always excited to support.

Stuttgart has also had a couple of terrific recent events, with a factory tour of Mercedes Benz inSindelfingen and a backstage tour of the famous Stuttgart Opera.

I don't believe there is any party in Germany bigger than the annual Oktoberfest in Munich. We sent invitations to all chapters concerning the great day of fun with the Munich AGBC. Larry Schulz and the Munich Board maintained a table for 64 party people for 6 October, the closing day of the fest. I wish I could have been able to help them do that; but I hope you had achance to do so. This fest is one unforgettable experience. Thanks to the Munich Board for supporting a great traditional event.

This chapter has also joined their local MING (Munich International Networking Group), a situation which I find fascinating. There are currently 14 members of this group, each a club orassociation in its own right. They have groups like the Munich Cowboys (football), university and professional clubs, business clubs and international associations. The great part of this concept is that they are joined to synergistically harness the strengths of the members of MING for events of mutual interest or participation. It's a terrific concept for the sharing of ideas, networking, making new friends and simply having fun.

We were very impressed in reading about this. I believe this concept could be repeated in many of our AGBC cities with very positive results.

Our newest chapter is Hansastadt Hamburg, and they are starting up with a bang. They have a number of new members, and it seems they have some kind of meeting every couple of weeks. If you are up in the north country or have friends there who might be interested in joining with AGBC, have them contact Mr. Phil Zeni, email: philzeni@aol.com or hansestadt.hamburg@agbc.de. He can steer you on board to help you "Network in the North."

Possibly we'll see you in Bonn on the 9th of November. But wherever you are, enjoy your day.

Barry E. Swanson, CFP


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