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Autumn is a wonderful season of the year to be American or German. Both nations offer a generous number of holidays to enjoy.

Here in Germany, we're blessed with generally having weather which is beautiful, but boring. It's very rare that we get a hurricane, earthquake, forest fire, flood or some other devastating weather adventure. We can enjoy the changing colors of the forests, the first hints of snowfall and the progression of the seasons. But even with all of this, there are events which command our attention.

For US citizens: I sincerely hope you are conscientious about voting. There are many places around the world where people are dying, fighting for the right to vote. We have that right. Better expressed, we have that privilege, and really should be doing so. I am personally of the opinion that we have that responsibility. Going forward, you cannot complain about foreign policy, taxation, crime, domestic policy or any other aspect of life in our society if you don't exercise your responsibility to vote. Don't forget, and don't neglect it; there is still time.

The largest US Consulate General in the world is in Frankfurt. And the appointment to this post as Consul General is most prestigious for an American diplomat. The Honorable Kevin C. Milas was recently appointed here. AGBC Frankfurt was excited to have the opportunity to introduce Mr. Milas at a dinner in his honor on October 4th at the Marriott Hotel. He not only gave an inspiring presentation following dinner; but also he fielded an exceptional number of questions on a variety of subjects. I believe he will represent us well.

As you know, we have two Executive Board meetings per year, whereby every chapter is represented to conduct the business of the association. When a chapter isn't represented in person, usually by the President and a VP, we secure the requisite proxy to represent them on any vote.

As reported earlier, our last meeting was hosted by the Kaiserslautern Chapter, along with a Golf Tournament. In addition to taking care of the business of the AGBC, the Golf Tournament provided earnings sufficient to reward scholarships to a number of local students. We're very proud of this extraordinary effort by the members of the Kaiserslautern Chapter, as this kind of a community effort truly promotes a good transatlantic appreciation and understanding. They are repeating this effort for this current school year.

In Frankfurt, we have the new season for the Entrepreneur of Tomorrow Program, this one being EoT V. Their kickoff meeting was on the 2nd of November; and this year's contestants promise a most competitive collection of new business plans. We're doing this in partnership with the Goethe Business School. And we really appreciate the fact that Coca Cola and the Bagel Brothers are continuing as sponsors.

Our next National Board Meeting will be held in Frankfurt on November 17. Any current (dues paying) member of the AGBC from any chapter is welcome to attend. In addition to conducting the business of the national board, we'll be holding our biennial elections. The elected positions on this board are President, Vice President and Treasurer.

The President will then make certain appointments, as needed, to complete an efficient and functioning board. All such meetings are conducted with Roberts Rules of Order, and follow a specified agenda. But if you would like to attend, you are certainly more than welcome (please register your intent by Email).

This is also the season for special banquets and celebrations. Bonn has a big Thanksgiving Banquet; and Heidelberg will be having a big Christmas Banquet (with Christmas Carols). But most every Chapter will have some special celebration. Check what's going on and participate. Remember, we appreciate your contribution to the AGBC, in whatever form. If only in some peripheral way, every contribution helps a bit to promote good business. And in the larger scheme of things, it all helps to further develop American-German friendship and cooperation.

Enjoy Every Day,

Barry E. Swanson, CFP

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