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It is a privilege to once again have the opportunity to craft a letter for our association’s website. This has been a beautiful summer in Germany. When one thinks of how much of the planet has received weather in almost biblical proportions, with forest fires, floods and raging heat, we have had very nice weather here. This provides a wonderful opportunity to share ideas. I am happy to report that the general health and welfare of the AGBC is excellent. We are continuing to mature and develop, and individual chapters have been able to enjoy some very innovative programs in the last several months. If you are a candidate for membership, this is a good time to join.

Thanks to the Herculean efforts of the President Nic Susta, and many other members of the Stuttgart Chapter, we were able to have a very dynamic and interesting meeting in Stuttgart from 7-9 May, with all chapters represented. Our day long business meeting on Saturday covered many of the issues which are important to all of us for the proper operation of our association.

Our most important national effort during this fall season is the program “Entrepreneur of Tomorrow”. This is a challenge contest that we run every autumn for students to develop a composite business plan, one with the capability to be converted into a real business. We mentor students in developing the capabilities to become an entrepreneur. Several chapters have very dynamic programs. Kaiserslautern, Munich, Bonn, Heidelberg, and most especially, Frankfurt, are currently gearing up for this season even as the summer progresses. See: www.entrepreneursoftomorrow.de.

We are proud of this program and want to encourage participation by as many students as possible. We also want more of our chapters to be participating. To this end, we are happy to give you guidance on the process of structuring your own program. An excellent POC for developing a program is our national Vice President, Thomas Leiser (thomas@sgachemie.com). Tom is one of the key indentured servants working in the great FFM program. Designed as scholarships, we provide significant Euro prizes for the winners of these EoT competitions, to assist them in continuing education.

For US citizens, it’s time to vote once again. We have federal elections for all members of the House of Representatives and for one third of the Senate happening in November. You can get assistance in the voting process through the Federal Voter Assistance Program, with more information available at www.fvap.gov, or by telephone at 0800-100-7428 (Toll free from Germany).

On our website, www.agbc.de, see on our home page “How to Join” and “How to Start a Chapter” prominently shown. Also see our announcement from AGBC Munich for a terrific Oktoberfest Party on October 3rd. In Heidelberg, the Hotel Marriott has invited us all to a champagne reception (free) on their beautiful veranda overlooking the Neckar River (19:00 August 24th). All the chapters have events coming up, so check our website to discover what’s there. Even the German economy is sharing in these celebrations, having just scored their greatest 2Q growth since 1991. Join in this good economy and join in the fun.

Enjoy your day.

Barry E. Swanson, CFP

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