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  • Terrorism or Insanity?: Attack Underscores Need To Address Refugees' Mental Health

    Thu, 10 August 2017 21:39

    In 2015, Ahmed A. was an unremarkable Palestinian asylum applicant with dreams of a new life in Germany. Two years later, he went on a deadly stabbing spree in a Hamburg supermarket. His transformation highlights a growing problem among refugees in the country: mental illness.

  • 'Everything is Fine': A Syrian Family's Quest to Become German

    Wed, 9 August 2017 13:23

    The Muatis are one of hundreds of thousands of refugee families who have come to Germany from Syria since the war broke out. They desperately want to fit in and contribute to society, but even as the children relish their newfound freedoms, the parents worry about their future.

  • The End of a Legend: 'Made in Germany' Label Badly Damaged By Car Scandal

    Fri, 4 August 2017 20:20

    Germany's diesel scandal occurred because the government has long been too lenient on the automobile industry. Deep ties between politicians and the sector allowed the situation to get out of hand, with enormous damage to the country's reputation as one of the world's best carmakers. By SPIEGEL Staff

  • Chancellor Candidate Unloads: Germany's Martin Schulz Says Trump 'Far Worse' Than Expected

    Thu, 3 August 2017 17:42

    Martin Schulz, the rival who wants to unseat Angela Merkel as chancellor in September, made headlines before the election with his criticism of Donald Trump. In an interview with DER SPIEGEL he now describes the U.S. president as a "risk to the whole world" and expresses shock over his "merciless nepotism."

  • The Cartel: Collusion Between Germany's Biggest Carmakers

    Thu, 27 July 2017 14:10

    The diesel scandal is not a failure on the part of individual companies, but rather the result of collusion among German automakers that lasted for years. Audi, BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen and Porsche coordinated their activities in more than a thousand meetings. The exposure of a cartel.



SPIEGEL ONLINE - International

SPIEGEL ONLINE Daily news, analysis and opinion from Europe's leading newsmagazine and Germany's top news Web site.



SPIEGEL ONLINE - International

SPIEGEL ONLINE Daily news, analysis and opinion from Europe's leading newsmagazine and Germany's top news Web site.

  • Social Design Award: Transitioning to a Better World

    Wed, 19 July 2017 14:41

    Community gardeners and other activists in Berlin are helping the Transition movement to take root in the German capital as part of its worldwide campaign for a sustainable society.

  • DER SPIEGEL Exclusive: Cristiano Ronaldo's Secret

    Wed, 19 April 2017 15:39

    An American woman goes to the police in Las Vegas. She claims she has been raped by an athlete: global football star Cristiano Ronaldo. What really happened has never been resolved because lawyers settled the case with a payment of $375,000 by the Real Madrid star. By SPIEGEL Staff

  • Nazis on the Roof of the World: A Bizarre SS Expedition to Tibet

    Mon, 3 April 2017 10:40

    In 1938, an SS expedition led by German zoologist Ernst Schäfer trekked to Tibet, returning with priceless animal specimens. Many believe they had actually been sent to search for a lost Aryan race, but a new book argues that the truth is more complicated.

  • PEDs on the Pitch: The Lie of Drug-Free Football

    Fri, 17 March 2017 18:02

    It is often said that taking performance enhancing drugs makes no sense for soccer players. Then why do so many do so? An internal list from the World Anti-Doping Agency reveals the substances players have been caught using. And shows that football officials seek to play down the issue.

  • Interview with Exiled Iranian Empress Pahlavi: 'We Wanted to Create Progress in Iran'

    Wed, 22 February 2017 12:38

    The collection of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art was to be shown in Berlin in December, but Iranian officials declined permission to send the artworks out of the country. SPIEGEL spoke with former Empress Farah Pahlavi, who assembled the collection in the 1970s. She's been living in exile for 38 years.


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