About the AGBC Chapter Saxony

In 1993 the AGBC Leipzig was founded as the second chapter after the AGBC Bonn. As co-architect and host of the first meeting of the American-German Business Club Deutschland e.V. in Leipzig in 1997, the AGBC Leipzig formed a major stepping stone for the national organization.

Started under the name of the AGBC Leipzig, the club was restructured and renamed at the end of year 2003 to expand its geographical reach.

The business environment in the eastern part of Germany is changing in a positive way, especially now with Poland and the Czech Republic having entered the European Union. Saxony, on the border of these two countries, is viewed as a prime site for international business.

The magazine fDi Foreign Direct Investment, a publication of the Financial Times Group, voted Saxony as “Region of the Future 2004/5” in Western Europe.

“Saxony knocked its French, Italian and Spanish rivals out at the second round to go through to the finals. The region’s sheer economic might (€77bn GDP in 2003), high volumes of investment (77 projects, worth €850m and creating 3,800 jobs) and reasonable out-of-town office rents helped to push it ahead of Bordeaux Gironde (France), Andalucía (Spain) and Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy).

The region has good, low-cost telecommunications, internet access and housing. The judges rated its universities, transport system, investment incentives, and infrastructure and planning projects top out of all round one winner for Western Europe.”

Recognizing these facts, we of the AGBC Saxony see very interesting possibilities for American and German entrepreneurs in this environment.

We believe in the main purpose of the group, which is to facilitate business networking between our members. We are convinced that the business of business is business - and that its golden fruits are friendships and contributions to the well being of the community in which we live and work.

We are looking for like-minded American, German and other nationalities' executives who are prepared to work together to help themselves by helping the group. Only those who are prepared to contribute to these values will be able to benefit from the advantages of the club.

You are invited to join and participate as well.

Address and Contact Info

American German Business Club Saxony e.V.

Lutz Schumacher
Arthur-Polenz-Straße 29
04288 Leipzig
Membership Application:
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Board Of Officers

Lutz Schumacher
Friedrich-Robert Gericke
Vice President Membership:
Emmett McLoughlin
Former Presidents
Friedrich-Robert Gericke
Alfred Weis
Robert Stoffers
Dierk Schlosshan
Dr. Marc Pullicino

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