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About the AGBC Chapter Hansestadt Hamburg

The Hansestadt Hamburg Chapter was created in 2013 …

… dedicated to the best practices of personal networking and designed to grow your range of business contacts and relationships.

You can be part of this exciting new approach. Starting with an informal monthly gathering known as “1st Wednesday Bistro”, you can float in-and-out to accommodate your work life and personal life.

No one ever has enough friends or business contacts. Business women and men from all industries and professions are always welcome, no matter the size of your company.

You will meet business men and women, like yourself, where you can

  • Learn and Share New Ideas
  • Find Partners and Alliances
  • Source Mentors
  • Develop Referrals
  • Discover Trends
  • Relax and Have Fun

Added benefits

  • Special focus on small and middle sized enterprises (SMEs) which employ 70% of the German work force
  • You can come at 18:00; stay for a few minutes, a half hour or the full two hours. Even with daily family commitments, just a few focused minutes can mean discovering an important new business or personal contact for you.
  • You deserve to unwind at the end of your workday while adding interesting, new professional relationships to your network.
  • With the new easy access to Hafencity, once you arrive you will have the opportunity to explore this proud, new vital part of Hamburg

We will meet at the Amerikazentrum in Hafencity - The 1st Wednesday of each month from 18:00 until 20:00, at Am Sandtorkai 48 – enjoy complimentary wine, beer, light snacks and great conversation. No reservations needed. €5 admittance paid at the door.

This Next Generation Networking is guaranteed to accelerate your business potential through your personal networking.

Mark your calendar now for this high value event.

“1st Wednesday Bistro” wines furnished by Vino – Ihr Weinmark

Hamburg Means Business

As Germany’s second largest city, Hamburg is home to nearly 125,000 business enterprises of all sizes. Further, the city enjoys a special business relationship with America. More than 120 US companies have operations in Hamburg. It is estimated that more than 600,000 people in the US are employed by German companies, over 15,000 of them from 200+ Hamburg firms.

Major companies in shipping, aviation, media and finance are all vital sectors of the local, national and international communities. Nevertheless, Hamburg also has a strong entrepreneurial component with a very high start-up rate of new businesses; funded, in part, by the many equity investors who live here.

Underpinning the advantages and benefits of this economic engine is an ever-growing population with a significant international flavor. Best estimates put the migrant population from 170+ countries at approximately 30%.

We look forward to meeting you at the next “1st Wednesday Bistro”!

Address and Contact Info

American German Business Club Hansestadt Hamburg e.V.

Michael Guccione
Am Ochsenzoll 107
22850 Norderstadt
Membership Application:
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Board Of Officers

Michael Guccione
Vice President
Reeno Grummer
Birgit Wahrenburg-Jähneke
Communication and Program Director:
Reeno Grummer
Board Member:
Steve Fairbank
Board Member:
Hans-Joachim Möser
Board Member:
Anna Plumeyer
Board Member:
Dr. Andrew Sola

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